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Premium Program


The EFLIT Premium program teaches the real-world tools of language needed to operate globally in law and business. It awards participants with an official University degree. It is ideal for law graduates, judges, lawyers and accountants who seek to improve their professional and linguistic skills (drafting of professional e-mails, documents, resumé, oral presentations, reading legal and business documents, etc) . It is divided in two modules:


1. English for Professional Purposes

(Grammar review, legal & business vocabulary, formal v. informal language, templates for legal & business correspondence/emails, listening, speaking).


2. Seminars in Law & Business topics

(Topics include: False Friends, Contracts, Companies,  Litigation, Taxes, Finance, Accounting, Real Estate, Conflict of Laws, IP Law, Ethics)


The EFLIT Premium program gives participants the option of signing up to the following additional modules:


3. Mini-groups

Mini-groups meet for a full day and simulate the activities of a typical working day (i.e. drafting of contract clauses, corresponding with foreign clients & colleagues, estimating costs & fees, drafting of opinions and reports) in the area of litigation, contract, corporate & taxation. Typically, a mini-group is held each year in July in the premises of the law fim Maiano, Pisano and Partners (Piazza Duomo, Milan)


4. E-learning via the PLEAD platform designed by TRANSLEGAL

Available upon request - for those who wish to follow up with a comprehensive e-learning tool.


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